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Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION:

Richard McAdams recently graduated law school and decided to return to the small town of Lexington, Virginia to help run his aging grandfather's law practice. The elder McAdams desired a limited, lighter role in the practice, with the hope that his grandson would eventually take over when he fully retires. In addition to hiring Richard, Mr. McAdams employs two paralegals, an administrative assistant, and a part-time IT specialist who handles all of their basic networking needs. He plans to hire more employees once Richard gets settled and assesses the office's strategies for growth.

Immediately upon arrival, Richard was amazed at the amount of work that needed to done in order to modernize the office, mostly in regard to the handling of clients' personal data. His first goal is to digitize all the records kept in file cabinets, as many of the documents contain personally identifiable financial and medical data. Also, Richard has noticed the massive amount of copying by the administrative assistant throughout the day, a practice that not only adds daily to the number of files in the file cabinets, but may create security issues unless a formal policy is firmly in place Richard is also concerned with the overuse of the communal copier/ printer located in plain view of clients who frequent the building. Yet another area of concern is the use of the same fax machine by all of the employees. Richard hopes to reduce its use dramatically in order to ensure that personal data receives the utmost security and protection, and eventually move toward a strict Internet faxing policy by the year's end.

Richard expressed his concerns to his grandfather, who agreed, that updating data storage, data security, and an overall approach to increasing the protection of personal data in all facets is necessary Mr. McAdams granted him the freedom and authority to do so. Now Richard is not only beginning a career as an attorney, but also functioning as the privacy officer of the small firm. Richard plans to meet with the IT employee the following day, to get insight into how the office computer system is currently set-up and managed.

Which of the following policy statements needs additional instructions in order to further protect the personal data of their clients?

  • A. When sending a print job containing personal data, the user must not leave the information visible on the computer screen following the print command and must retrieve the printed document immediately.
  • B. Before any copiers, printers, or fax machines are replaced or resold, the hard drives of these devices must be deleted before leaving the office.
  • C. All faxes sent from the office must be documented and the phone number used must be double checked to ensure a safe arrival.
  • D. All unused copies, prints, and faxes must be discarded in a designated recycling bin located near the work station and emptied daily.

Answer: A


Which of the following is NOT an important factor to consider when developing a data retention policy?

  • A. Organizational culture.
  • B. Technology resource.
  • C. Business requirement.
  • D. Compliance requirement

Answer: B


An organization's privacy officer was just notified by the benefits manager that she accidentally sent out the retirement enrollment report of all employees to a wrong vendor.

Which of the following actions should the privacy officer take first?

  • A. Perform a risk of harm analysis.
  • B. Report the incident to law enforcement.
  • C. Contact the recipient to delete the email.
  • D. Send firm-wide email notification to employees.

Answer: A


Which of the following indicates you have developed the right privacy framework for your organization?

  • A. It includes a privacy assessment of each major system
  • B. It improves the consistency of the privacy program
  • C. It identifies all key stakeholders by name
  • D. It works at a different type of organization

Answer: A





Please use the following to answer the next question:

As the director of data protection for Consolidated Records Corporation, you are justifiably pleased with your accomplishments so far. Your hiring was precipitated by warnings from regulatory agencies following a series of relatively minor data breaches that could easily have been worse. However, you have not had a reportable incident for the three years that you have been with the company. In fact, you consider your program a model that others in the data storage industry may note in their own program development.

You started the program at Consolidated from a jumbled mix of policies and procedures and worked toward coherence across departments and throughout operations. You were aided along the way by the program's sponsor, the vice president of operations, as well as by a Privacy Team that started from a clear understanding of the need for change.

Initially, your work was greeted with little confidence or enthusiasm by the company's "old guard" among both the executive team and frontline personnel working with data and interfacing with clients. Through the use of metrics that showed the costs not only of the breaches that had occurred, but also projections of the costs that easily could occur given the current state of operations, you soon had the leaders and key decision-makers largely on your side. Many of the other employees were more resistant, but face-to-face meetings with each department and the development of a baseline privacy training program achieved sufficient "buy-in" to begin putting the proper procedures into place.

Now, privacy protection is an accepted component of all current operations involving personal or protected data and must be part of the end product of any process of technological development. While your approach is not systematic, it is fairly effective.

You are left contemplating: What must be done to maintain the program and develop it beyond just a data breach prevention program? How can you build on your success? What are the next action steps?

What stage of the privacy operational life cycle best describes Consolidated's current privacy program?

  • A. Protect
  • B. Assess
  • C. Respond
  • D. Sustain

Answer: D



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